Our Mission

H.Y.P. E is focused on empowering and preparing youth for leadership roles and to positively impact their respective communities.


What We Do

Helping Young People Evolve [H.Y.P.E] is a support service nonprofit working with youth ages 8-18 in the Cleveland-Akron area. H.Y.P.E achieves its mission through classroom instruction, workshops, mentor-ship and service initiatives. The primary goal is to serve as an outlet and provide guidance for H.Y.P.E participants.

H.Y.P.E programs will be administered through Social, Academic, Financial & Empowerment approach known as S.A.F.E. Initiatives which cover:

· Conflict Management

· Decision Making Process

· Future Planning

· Healthy Living

· Self-Development 

I want H.Y.P.E. to not only promote inner city youth, but youth around the nation. They are the leaders in which we have to develop.
— Ricardo D. Spencer, Founder of H.Y.P.E.